Laurent Street Parking Lot

The Laurent Parking Lot will have two sections:

  1. Staff and Visitor Parking Area will be used by the staff and visitors, and for parents on business during the day.

  2. Pickup and Loading Zones will have 3 lanes and 3 loading zones.

Two of the loading zones will have protection zones. (2 loading zones in the parking lot and 1 zone along the sidewalk next to the classrooms.) The loading zones will have a drive-thru and pickup area, as well as protection. Students must stay in these safety zones and should not be encouraged to leave except to enter loading vehicle. This means they can enter from the curb or 2 safety zones. This will reduce the hazard of opening doors, etc. on traffic side of car.

Parents are expected to drive into one of the three pickup lanes and "park" next to the safety island. Students should either be on the island already or move promptly to the island and then into the car, staying in the patrolled crossing areas at all times. Once the children are in the car, the driver can pull out into the traffic lane and then move into the exit lane.

Exit Lanes to Laurent Street: We have had major traffic tie-ups trying to leave the lot and turn onto Laurent Street. We are establishing two exit lanes to Laurent Street. The left exit lane must turn left onto Laurent, whereas the right lane must turn right.

Lot Entrance Lane: The entrance lane has two lanes of traffic flowing into the student pickup zones. Parents are advised to select the lane that will help them wind up in the proper exit lane, i.e., if you intend to turn right (north on Laurent), then you should try to keep to the right as you select a pickup lane.

Student-Parent Cooperation: With three pick-up lanes handling about 20 to 25 cars each, it will be necessary for parent and students to look for each other and plan the pickup in advance. If parents have to wait for long periods and tie up 7 or 8 spots in each pick up lane, then we will have traffic jams. If students and parents decide in advance on what lane to use, then each will know where to first look. Since the safety islands are limited in size, we recommend to students that they remain on the concrete curb until they see which pickup lane their car selects. They can then proceed to the proper island by way of the crosswalk. No shortcuts will be allowed.

Mesquite Street Parking Lot

The Mesquite Street Parking Lot will have only 1 section, with 2 zones. It is recommended that all staff people park in the Staff Section in the Laurent Street Parking Lot. The easy flow of traffic is essential in this parking lot. The following rules will be followed:

  1. When unloading or loading, pull into one of the parking spaces. This will keep the traffic flow clear.

  2. Never cross over student safety zone stripes at any time, even when no students are in the parking lot. The only allowed routes of entry and exit are the ones shown in the diagram.

  3. Students will leave the sidewalk only when they see the pickup car move into a parking spot. No pick up students will be allowed at the sidewalk or curb area.

  4. Students will walk only in the safety walk lanes and go through the protected walkway areas. Safety Patrol will protect students from walk lanes to safety lanes.

Since the safety islands are limited size, students should remain on the concrete curb until they see which lane their car selects. No shortcuts will be allowed.

General Do's and Don'ts

  • DO try to form two lanes after entering the lot and move into one of the pickup spots as soon as one is clear, moving as far down the lane as possible to make room for the cars behind you.

  • DO encourage your youngsters to look for your car and to pay attention to traffic instead of running around or horseplaying with a friend. Once you've picked up your group, move out into the exit lanes carefully.

  • DO try to keep two lanes in the exit zone and turn onto Laurent in the proper manner.

  • DON'T park in entrance or exit lanes or try to pick up youngsters in these lanes.

  • DON'T double park in pick up lanes - this blocks the car behind you.

  • DON'T park in the staff area unless you need to leave your car. Students must be accompanied by the driver if they are to leave a safety zone and cross into the staff parking area.