2008 Blue Ribbon School

OLV School Named 2008 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

Our Lady of Victory Catholic School was named a 2008 "No Child Left Behind - National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence." This award distinguishes and honors schools for helping students achieve at very high levels. "These Blue Ribbon Schools are an example of what teachers and students can achieve," Secretary Spellings said. "Now our challenge is to help other schools follow their lead by continuing to measure progress through No Child Left Behind, and by using the knowledge we've gained to replicate effective strategies and help every student improve."

Three hundred twenty schools were named Blue Ribbon Schools across the entire United States, including fifty private schools. Our Lady of Victory was one of only four private school from the State of Texas to receive the award in 2008.

Our Lady of Victory qualified to apply for this national award in 2007 when the highest grade level in the school scored in the top 10% in both Reading and Math on the nationally recognized Stanford Achievement (SAT) Test. Additionally, OLV had to have had a Foreign Language course offered for students. After having met all requirements, OLV's application had to make several qualifying "cuts" before being sent on to the final stage of qualification.

As an integral part of OLV, everyone should be proud and pleased that our efforts to deliver the highest quality education are not only successful, but are an example to others.