School Uniform Policy

The School Uniform is a symbol of a student’s pride in himself/herself and the school. Students must wear approved articles of clothing from the uniform list and the required Mass uniform on Mass days. The required school uniform is sold at Melvin's in Victoria or Parker School Uniforms in Sugar Land, Texas. You may shop Parker online at - Web ID Code: HO271407.

Please note the following changes for the school uniform for this upcoming school year. Only hoodies, with the OLV emblem, which can be purchased through PTC will be allowed for the students to wear.

The only acceptable shoes are as follows:

  1. Deck shoes in brown or white for grades 5th -8th only.
  2. Tennis shoes in solid blue, white, red or black (Trim and/or soles must also be blue, white, red, reflective silver, or non-marking black.)

Only black or white shoelaces will be allowed. Socks will be required daily and must be solid red, white or blue.

Boys: 5K - 8th Grade:


  • Navy blue twill slacks
  • Oxford cloth shirt in
  • light blue or blue/white
  • stripe-long or short sleeve
  • Belt


  • Blue jeans
  • Navy blue shorts
  • White or red knit shirt with OLV monogram
  • Blue Ribbon t-shirt
  • Navy Blue Polo with OLV Crest sold by PTC



  • Baggy jeans
  • Carpenter jeans
  • Cargo jeans
  • Stone-washed jeans
  • Acid-washed jeans
  • Loose fitting jeans
  • Frayed or jeans cut at seams
  • Jeans with holes
  • Sweatshirts or light weight jackets other than navy, white, or red
  • Sweatshirts or light weight jackets with any writing or emblems other than OLV school related
  • Undershirts other than white, red, navy, or gray
  • Coats or heavy jackets may not be worn in the class
  • Shoes with wheels or lights

Girls Official Uniform

Girl’s lengths of skirts must be no shorter than the top of the kneecap and shorts must be no more than 2 inches above the knee. Girls in grades 5K – 5th (depending on size of girl) can wear girl sizes. Girls in grades 6-8 need to buy junior sizes and not girls’ sizes.

Girls: 5K through 3rd Grade:


  • Jumper-plaid or navy blue
  • White blouse with navy piping trim
  • Knit shorts to be worn underneath


  • Navy blue tie worn with jumper
  • Midi white blouse worn with navy blue tie
  • Culottes-plaid or navy blue
  • Navy blue shorts and pants
  • Red or white knit shirt with OLV monogram

Girls: 4th through 8th Grade:


  • Skirt (either pleated in navy or in plaid)
  • Oxford shirt in white-long or short sleeve or
  • White midi blouse with navy blue tie


  • Navy blue walking shorts or pants
  • Skorts-plaid or navy blue 
  • White or red knit shirt with OLV monogram
  • Knit shorts to be worn underneath skirt 
  • Jumper-plaid or navy blue 
  • *** Shoes must be coordinated with school uniform. ***

Students must wear the approved uniform from the official list. If a student arrives at school wearing non-uniform clothing, they will be given a uniform violation. Repeated violations of the uniform dress code will result in detention or a more serious consequence. The uniform should be clean and neat.

Shirttails must be tucked in while the student is on campus.

1. Students are not allowed to change from their Mass uniform on Mass days.

2. If a student does not wear the required Mass or daily uniform, the student will be sent to the Office for a uniform violation.

3. The School Staff reserves the right to judge whether any item or fashion fad (i.e. hair cut, accessories, etc.) is incompatible with the uniform policy.

4. Official gym uniforms are required for grades 5 - 8. Any student without a gym uniform on a regular P.E. class day will be assigned a writing assignment. Sneakers are required for P.E.

5. Girls are required to wear the PE uniform shorts.

6. Students are not permitted to wear any nail polish, regardless of grade level. Students who wear nail polish to school will be asked to remove it.


Student’s hair must be kept trimmed, neatly combed and clean. Hairstyles should not obscure vision or interfere with schoolwork or cause distractions among classmates. Students are not permitted to dye or bleach their hair. Boys are also required to be clean-shaven at all times regardless of ethnic background. Junior High girls may wear make-up; however, it must be moderate, simple, and appropriate for school. Glitter make-up is not allowed and heavy make-up must be washed off. Teachers and administrators have the right to judge clothing, make-up, and hairstyles as appropriate or inappropriate.

Students who violate the uniform policy will be written up for the violation. Repeated violations of the uniform dress code will result in disciplinary action.


Dark Colored Denim Blue Jeans are allowed for girls on

  • All Fridays except Mass days.
  • Cold weather days ONLY as directed by the school office.

No frayed or faded jeans, no holes or embellishments, sequins, beads, etc. No low rise (where undergarments or body parts are visible when bending, reaching, etc.) No baggy or “skinny” jeans, carpenter, or cargo styles are allowed. Stretch jean material or “jeggings” are not acceptable.

On jean days, school approved (spirit) shirts or uniform shirts are to be worn (tucked in) with plain leather (like) belt.

Any student not adhering to the above mentioned guidelines will receive one warning. On second offense, the student will lose the privilege of wearing jeans on Fridays for four weeks.