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Welcome to Our Lady of Victory Catholic School in Victoria, TX!

A national blue-ribbon school of excellence in 2008

Thank you for visiting the Our Lady of Victory Catholic school's website. Here at OLV, each child experiences what a privilege it is to be working with such a loving, caring, devoted and highly professional staff.

You want your children to receive a quality education at a private school in Victoria, TX. When you enroll them in our Catholic school, you make a wonderful choice to give your children a strong spiritual and academic education during the most formative years of their lives. Our Catholic school will provide them with a challenging, first-class education and help them develop a loyal relationship with God.

Your children will also learn respect and compassion for their sisters and brothers, both here and throughout the world. One of the ways we teach this is to strongly stress the basics in academics and manners. Your children will learn to demonstrate respect for their elders and each other by being "friendly, respectful and responsible: Christ-like."

You can apply for our Catholic school by visiting our Enrollment page now.

Maintain a safe environment by reporting abuse

If you witness, suspect or know of child and/or vulnerable adult abuse, you must file a report within 48 hours. Please contact civil authorities in Victoria, Texas:

Department of Family and Protective Services

If the person is in immediate danger, call 911.

If church personnel is involved in the alleged abuse, please follow this two-step process: First, contact the civil authorities. Second, contact one of the following:

Coordinator of Pastoral Care and Outreach, Shannon Thomas, LMSW, at 361-827-7186 or email pastoralcare@victoriadiocese.org
Bishop or Chancellor of the Diocese of Victoria at 361-573-0828

Written allegations should be sent to:

Office of the Bishop
P.O. Box 4070
Victoria, Texas 77903
Mark as "Personal and Confidential"

We will also help you bring your concerns to church officials outside the diocese if the abuse occurred before you resided in the Diocese of Victoria. If you would like further information on filing a complaint, please contact Vicki L. Pyatt.

Report Abuse/Safe Environment

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