Our Lady of Victory Catholic School

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Featured Testimonial: Kevin John

"Our Lady of Victory has been an answer to so many prayers for my wife and me. I can remember sitting with my wife contemplating the future education for our children. We heard such great things about Our Lady of Victory. I can honestly say OLV has lived up to all those things and more. It has surpassed any expectation we had for an amazing education centered on faith. Everyone that we have encountered has been nothing but warm and welcoming. Never once have we felt like we didn’t belong. The teachers, staff, and everyone involved with caring for these kids want nothing but the best for them and it shows in how they teach and care for them. Our son has learned so much from everyone at this school and wakes up each morning excited to learn and go to school. Having our children taught in a faith based environment has helped us grow closer as a family. They get more out of Mass now and are constantly asking questions as well as teaching us things we have forgotten.

I am constantly singing the praises of this amazing school. It was the best decision we made for our family. Our prayer is that for anyone on the fence about what they should do for their children and their education is for them to give OLV a try. You will not be disappointed by this institution, I know I wasn’t. It has surpassed any and everything I wanted for my children and I am excited to have them continue their journey with Our Lady of Victory."

My name is Camryn Petru and I’m in the eighth grade here at Our Lady of Victory Catholic School. I have been at OLV since I was three, and throughout the years, it has taught me many things that that are very useful in my life. This school has not only helped me excel in my academics, but it has also taught me good people skills and manners. It has helped me to balance sports and other extracurricular activities with my school work, which I think will be a good skill to have later in life.

OLV offers many classes that most schools don’t. Starting in 3K, students have music and Spanish class. Beginning these courses at such a young age can make it easier for the students to develop their knowledge of the subjects when they get older. When students reach first grade, they begin art classes and then in 6th grade, they are put into the band. We also attend Mass every Tuesday or Thursday at the Cathedral. Sometimes, we are accompanied by the priests in our religion classes.

Junior high is when OLV provides the most opportunities for their students. In seventh grade, the students do a Living Museum, which helps them with public speaking and teaches the students about research, while educating the younger grades about people that have helped shape our culture. In eighth grade, we do a mock trial over a book and the students are the lawyers, witnesses, and all of the other technical people that go into having a real life trial. The eighth graders also have the option of going on a trip to Washington D.C. with the class. Junior high is also open to being in the Student Council and the National Junior Honor Society. In addition to all of this, we do many service projects for the community that teaches us to be good Christian citizens.

OLV has also helped me make friends that I will hopefully have forever. The no bullying tolerance here has definitely helped me develop more trust within my classmates because we all are like a big family with an unbreakable bond. Because of all the different skills we are taught and all the doors that are opened for us, I’m extremely grateful that my parents decided to enroll me in Our Lady of Victory Catholic School.

Camryn Petru, 8th Grade Student

I went to a Catholic school from Kindergarten through eighth grade, and, looking back on those years, I am confident it was one of the best educations, both academically and spiritually, my parents could have given me. I then went to a public high school and excelled there because of the foundation I had at my Catholic school. In fact, nearly everyone who went to Catholic school in my grade and grades above and below me graduated in the top 10% at the public high school. Even more significant, I feel the faith formation I received has greatly impacted my Christian growth as an adult.

I knew I wanted that for my own children. When we moved to Victoria, Our Lady of Victory immediately felt like home to my husband and me. The school and parish community is very similar to what I had as a child—both welcoming and supportive of the values we hold dear. We feel confident it will provide our children with a great education and excellent Christian formation. Our daughter is in Pre-K and has already learned so much. She shares what she learns with joy and excitement, thrilled to show her work each day. Her caring teachers make her feel welcome and comfortable. She often talks about Christ and the wonders of God’s creation, as she is surrounded by it every day.

We are very pleased with Our Lady of Victory, and we place our full confidence in Catholic education as a whole.

Leslie Book, Parent