The Faculty at Our Lady of Victory are degreed, qualified, and experienced. The degrees of our teachers and staff vary from Bachelors of Arts and Sciences to Masters of Education to Doctorate degrees. Dedication to teaching and a great love for children are key characteristics of the ministry of education at Our Lady of Victory.

School Administration

Sr. Laura Toman

Sandra Stelpflug
Assistant Principal


3K Teachers:

4K Teachers:

Valerie Cantu
Kerri Knippa

5K (Kindergarten) Teachers:

Lisa Omecinski
Mona Dornak

1st - 8th Grades:

1st Grade Teachers:
Heather Taylor
Bridget Swoboda

2nd Grade Teachers:
Deborah Kern
Amy Lara

3rd Grade Teachers:
Amanda Yandell
Denise Smith

4th Grade Teachers:
Kay Austin
Brooke Horadam

5th Grade Teachers:
Karen Frazier
Nancy Ives

6th Grade Teachers:
Kim Morris
Maggie Koch

7th Grade Teachers:
Gwen Hall
Kathy Bruno

8th Grade Teachers:
Teresa Childress
Brett Hager

Other Teachers:

Art Teacher:
Ed Ousley

Computer Literacy Teacher:
Maxine Hawes

Music/Choir Teacher:
Beth Waak

P.E. (4K - 5th Grade) Teacher:
Monica Morales

P.E. (6th - 8th Grade) Teachers:
Gwen Hall

7th/8th Grade Science Teacher:
Harvey Schoener

Spanish Teacher:
Maria (Pia) Gaspard

Band Teacher:
Aaron Boyd

Other Staff Members:

School Secretary:
Dorothy Gehrke

Office Receptionist:
Brenda Ortmann

Religious Coordinator:
Sr. Donna Bonorden

After School Program Director:
Laura Janis

Norma Smolik

Jodie Tibiletti

Pre-K Tuition:
Dani Volkmer

Tuition Secretary:
Donna Mikulenka

Cafeteria Manager:
Raquel Simmons

Speech Therapist:
Yolanda Creager

Development Director:
Denise Cooper

ECC Receptionist:
Cynthia Gonzales