Athletic Director: Mr. Harvey Schoener

The athletic program includes sports for boys and girls in 7th and 8th grade: football (6th grade is also included), and basketball for the boys; volleyball, and basketball for the girls. Grades 5-8 participate in the track meets, softball tournaments, and soccer.

Grades will be checked on Monday mornings. A student who is failing any subject will be ineligible to play in a game that week. In the case of two games in one week, the student will miss the first game and grades will be rechecked to see if the student is eligible to play in the second game. Students must also maintain a satisfactory grade in conduct. A conduct grade below an S in any subject will make a student ineligible to participate until the grade improves. Discipline slips, depending on the infraction, could make a student ineligible to participate for that week.

Yearly physicals are required before students can participate in any of the sports activities.

Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity in Catholic Schools

Mission Statement

The primary goal of the sports program in the Diocese of Victoria Athletic League is to represent Christ by exhibiting good sportsmanship through participation in and learning the basic fundamentals of our sports program, always keeping in mind that winning is not everything. Good sportsmanship is viewed by the Diocese of Victoria Athletic League as a commitment to Christian values of fair play, ethical/moral behavior, and integrity. In perception and practice, sportsmanship is defined as those Christian qualities that are characterized by generosity and genuine concern for others. The ideals of sportsmanship apply equally to all activity disciplines. Individuals, regardless of their role in activities, are expected to be aware of their influence on the behavior of others and model good sportsmanship.


The Diocese of Victoria Athletic League has identified seven target groups within the league of schools that are responsible for conducting themselves in a sportsmanship manner. Following are expectations of these groups.


1. Always set a good example for participants and fans to follow, exemplifying the highest moral and ethical behavior.

2. Instruct participants in proper sportsmanship responsibilities and demand that they make sportsmanship the #1 priority.

3. Respect judgment of contest officials, abide by rules of the event and display no behavior that could incite fans or players.

4. Treat opposing coaches, participants, and fans with respect. Shake hands with officials and opposing coach in public.

5. Develop and enforce penalties for participants who do not abide by sportsmanship standards.


1. Treat opponents with respect; shake hands prior to and after contests.

2. Respect judgment of contest officials, abide by rules of the contest and display no behavior that could incite fans.

3. Cooperate with officials, coaches and fellow participants to conduct a fair contest.

4. Accept seriously the responsibility and privilege of representing school and community; display positive public action at all times.

5. Live up to the high standards of sportsmanship established by the coach.


1. Stimulate desired crowd response using only positive cheers, signs and praise without antagonizing or demeaning opponents.

2. Treat opposing spirit groups and fans with respect.

3. Recognize outstanding performances on either side of the playing field or court.

4. Maintain enthusiasm and composure, serving as a role model.


1. Realize that it is a privilege to observe a contest and support school activities, not a license to verbally assault others or to be generally obnoxious.

2. Respect decisions made by contest officials.

3. Be an exemplary role model by positively supporting teams in every manner possible, including content of cheers and signs.

4. Respect fans, coaches and participants.



1. Develop a program for teaching and promoting the ideals and fundamentals of good sportsmanship within the school and within the Diocese of Victoria Athletic League.

2. Provide appropriate supervisory personnel for each interscholastic event.

3. Support participants, coaches and fans who teach and display good sportsmanship.

4. Recognize exemplary behavior and actively discourage undesirable conduct by participants, coaches and fans.

5. Attend events whenever possible.

6. Interact with leaders of non-school activity programs to ensure good sportsmanship.


1. Applaud during introduction of players, coaches and officials.

2. Players shaking hands with opponent who fouls out while both sets of fans recognize player's performance with applause.

3. Accept all decisions of officials.

4. Cheerleaders leading fans in positive school yells in positive manner.

5. Handshakes between participants and coaches at end of contest, regardless of outcome.

6. Treating competition as a game, not a war.

7. Coaches/players should search out opposing participants to recognize them for outstanding performance or coaching.

8. Applauding at the end of the contest for performances of all participants.

9. Encouraging surrounding people to display only sportsmanlike conduct.

10. Everyone should show concern for an injured player, regardless of team.

11. During the prayer and the National Anthem, students, participants and fans should remove any hats and bow their heads in prayer; during the National Anthem, face the flag, place right hand on their heart and join in the singing. There should be no talking.


1. Yelling, waving arms or stomping feet during opponent's free-throw attempt.

2. Disrespectful or derogatory yells, chants, songs or gestures.

3. Booing or heckling an official's decision.

4. Criticizing officials in any way; displays of temper with an official's call.

5. Yells that antagonize opponents.

6. Refusing to shake hands or give recognition for good performances.

7. Blaming loss of game on officials, coaches or participants.

8. Laughing or name-calling to distract an opponent.

9. Use of profanity or displays of anger that draw attention away from the game.

10. Doing own yells instead of following lead of cheerleaders.